Tim O'Neil
  • Founding Partner & President, Ironline Partners, LLC
  • Principal, Evergreen Devco, Inc. (“Evergreen”): www.evgre.com
  • University of Arizona and Thunderbird Graduate School of International Management (MBA)
Bob Karber
  • Founding Partner & CEO, Ironline Partners, LLC
  • Founding Partner, Murphy Karber Cordier PLC (“MKC Law”): www.mkcfirm.com
  • University of Arizona and Santa Clara (JD/MBA)
Mozan Shawaludin
  • Principal
  • Northern Arizona University
DJ Fernandes
  • Vice President, Ironline Partners, LLC
  • Tulane University (M.ARCH)

"The Ironline principals are lifetime friends, and repeat partners and clients, and I count their
team among the best boutique real estate firms in the region."

-James B. Patterson, Founder & CEO, Clear Title Agency