We leverage shared intellectual capital, with strategic partners, to create rewarding experiences for our team, value for our customers and profit for our investors.

Commitment to our partners and strategic relationships underlies both our personal objectives and our business strategies. Simply stated, the personal connections we share make our work together fun and rewarding, while the professional resources we share make our ventures smart and competitive.

Our lean operating platform promotes speed and flexibility, while our deep partner base creates investment and development experience and expertise. Our national and international relationships provide industry insight and market information, while our local roots and geographic focus help us stay on top of real world, real-time opportunities, trends and threats.

We favor conservative overhead reimbursements over fee-based agreements; structure simple, single-asset entities to guarantee independent, objective management; and, communicate often and openly to ensure we are mitigating risk and aligning interests as well as possible.

Perhaps most importantly, we underwrite every deal as principals and co-invest in all of our projects.